Strategic Response Fund

The Strategic Response Fund (SRF) is a repository of pooled matching funds contributed by a consortium of philanthropies to increase the competitiveness of major federal and state grant applications that are being supported by LA n Sync. The SRF facilitates collaboration among funders and empowers them to leverage their resources for a common goal.

SRF Background

Many federal and state grant applications supported by LA n Sync either require the commitment of significant matching funds or are greatly enhanced by the applicant’s ability to access these funds. Often, these large dollar commitments are decisive in the success of an application—and constitute the difference between bringing millions of dollars into the region or bringing none.

Given the limited advance notice and short timeframe for completing and submitting most federal and state grant applications—sometimes as little as 30 to 45 days—in 2015, LA n Sync determined that a key to its future success rested in its ability to raise and allocate matching funds on short notice.  After consulting with many of the most trusted and knowledgeable funders in the region, we established the SRF to meet this urgent need.

Supported by a growing consortium of philanthropies, the SRF has made a significant difference in the competitive potential of applications coming from the Los Angeles region, and has demonstrated a major commitment on the part of L.A. funders to pull together toward a common goal.

SRF Steering Committee

The SRF is housed at the California Community Foundation and managed by the SRF Steering Committee, which provides oversight and implementation of the fund, secures pledges, and evaluates its efficacy.

The SRF Steering Committee is comprised of top executives from six contributing foundations:

Cinny Kennard, Annenberg Foundation

Stephanie Levin, Annenberg Foundation

John Kobara, California Community Foundation

Tara Roth, Goldhirsh Foundation

Cara Esposito, Leonetti/O’Connell Foundation

Wendy Garen, the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Fred Ali, Weingart Foundation

Eligibility for SRF funding

Using LA n Sync’s grant criteria as an initial screening tool, the SRF Steering Committee determines whether a grant application is eligible to receive funding from the SRF.  The committee then evaluates the strength of the application and the projected weight of the matching funds component of the application in determining whether to commit SRF funds, and, if yes, in what amount.

SRF funds will only be disbursed if the applicant is successfully awarded the grant. All SRF contributors receive biannual reports that detail the requests received and how the SRF funds are committed.

Contributing to the SRF

The SRF is open to all donors, and provides the opportunity for funders to more efficiently and effectively collaborate to leverage their dollars for a common purpose by alleviating the burden of independently evaluating multiple matching dollar requests for Sync-supported applications. Funders may make yearly or multiyear contributions to the SRF at any point during the calendar year.

To learn more or contribute to the SRF contact Ellah Ronen at

Our Partners

LA n Sync collaborates with the region’s most prominent and pioneering academic, governmental, nonprofit, business, and philanthropic institutions.


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