Criteria for Support

LA n Sync’s focus is on helping highly competitive applicants or applicant teams pursue major federal and state funding opportunities across a broad range of sectors, provided they fall within our criteria for support and the eligibility requirements of the grant opportunity. Because of LA n Sync’s belief in the creativity of the region, we support applicants whose goals are both achievable and aspirational.

As major federal and state funding opportunities arise, LA n Sync reaches out to prospective applicants to stimulate interest in these opportunities and encourage them to request our support in crafting their applications. This direct, systemic outreach to potential applicants is essential to encourage good candidates to apply, and to help them understand how LA n Sync can be a resource to help them succeed.

LA n Sync also welcomes inquiries if an organization has identified an opportunity it would like to apply for and request our support.


  • LA n Sync’s mission is to support applicants in pursuing major federal and state funding opportunities. These are defined as state grants over $1 million per year of funding and federal grants over $5 million per year of funding.
  • LA n Sync makes exceptions to these minimums on a case-by-case basis, particularly when a smaller planning grant has the potential to increase eligibility for larger implementation grants.


  • LA n Sync is committed to leveraging the creativity and resources of the Los Angeles region, and seeks to support innovative proposals with the potential to produce systematic change. When appropriate, we favor applicants that collaborate across sectors to arrive at interconnected solutions to interconnected problems.


  • LA n Sync believes that collaboration produces better outcomes and increases the viability of funding applications. When appropriate, we favor applications that include a high degree of collaboration among partners.


  • LA n Sync’s focus is on supporting funding applications that have the greatest impact on Los Angeles County. We will support applicant teams that include partners outside L.A. County when those within the county receive significant benefit from being part of this broader applicant team.


  • Applicants are evaluated on their readiness to complete the application, the suitability of the proposal for the grant opportunity, and their capacity for implementing the grant, if received.

Applying for support

To receive support from
LA n Sync, prospective applicants are asked to submit a Request for Support


23¢ of every dollar Los Angeles pays in federal taxes is spent somewhere other than Los Angeles.

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