Applying for Support

In order to receive support from LA n Sync, an applicant must meet our grant criteria and submit a Request for Support. This can be done by invitation from LA n Sync, or by approaching LA n Sync with a funding opportunity for which an applicant organization, agency, or municipality would like to apply. Requests for Support are accepted on an ongoing basis, and are rigorously evaluated by the LA n Sync Workgroup to determine if the lead applicant(s) meets our criteria.

LA n Sync grantees are competitively chosen, with preference given to the most competitive applications in any given funding cycle. If it appears that only one grant will be made to the Los Angeles region during the current funding cycle, LA n Sync will support only one application. If it appears that more than one grant may be awarded to the region, LA n Sync may choose to support more than one application per funding cycle. Because of the extremely limited number of applications LA n Sync can support at any given time, those not selected may reapply in future funding cycles.

Criteria for support

LA n Sync uses a matrix of criteria to select applicants to support as they compete for major grants


REQUEST for support

To receive support from
LA n Sync, prospective applicants are asked to submit a Request for Support


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