Opportunities of Interest

LA n Sync actively seeks out ways to match public funding opportunities with diverse coalitions of municipalities, nonprofits, academia and private sector businesses (when appropriate) that can submit competitive applications for the benefit of demographics that are most in need.

In line with that, here are some of the top public funding opportunities on our radar:

Grant Directory Refresh
In line with our efforts to support L.A. County municipalities and nonprofit in pursuing and securing public funding opportunities, LA n Sync will be releasing an RFP to hire a consultant to help us refresh our grant writers and technical assistance providers directory. Our focus is on ensuring that the vendors we connect our grantees with are versed in equity and inclusion principles while also having notable lived or professional experience serving BIPOC demographics.

If you know of municipalities, nonprofits, institutions of higher education or other relevant stakeholders who may be interested in pursuing any of the above opportunities or have vendor recommendations for our upcoming RFP – please have them contact us at lansync@calfund.org.

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If you’d ike to request support from LA n Sync, please email us at LAnSync@calfund.org.

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