• Does LA n Sync support applicants or applicant teams outside of L.A. County?
  • LA n Sync’s primary goal is to support applications benefiting L.A. County. However, Sync collaborates with partners outside of L.A. County when there is a significant participation from or benefit to those within L.A. County, and if the collaboration increases the competitive nature of the application. In the past, we have supported multi-county, multi-state, and statewide applications for funding when there is significant benefit to the residents of L.A. County.
  • Will LA n Sync support my organization in applying for a grant of less than $1 million?
  • LA n Sync will consider providing support to applicants seeking state grants of less than $1 million per year of funding and federal grants of less than $5 million per year of funding on a case-by-case basis. In the past, we have made exceptions for planning grants, federal designations, and other significant opportunities that have not met funding minimums. If an organization is interested in contacting LA n Sync with an opportunity, please submit a request for consideration in writing.
  • Does LA n Sync help with the implementation of a grant once received?
  • LA n Sync is not involved in grant implementation or meeting follow-up reporting requirements of a grant.
  • What happens if an application is not funded? Does LA n Sync provide any follow-up support?
  • If a grant application is not funded, LA n Sync will work with the applicant to understand why the grant was not awarded and to help find ways to maximize the investment in conceiving and producing the grant application.
  • Will LA n Sync fund a grant application?
  • LA n Sync provides monetary support and technical assistance during the grant writing process; it does not fund the projects proposed in the grant applications.

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