How LA n Sync Works

LA n Sync supports applicants seeking funding across a broad range of sectors, creating partnerships that produce a deep community impact and align with the priorities of the Los Angeles County region.

Our Partners

LA n Sync collaborates with the region’s most prominent and pioneering academic, governmental, nonprofit, business, and philanthropic institutions to support the most innovative and competitive funding applications for Los Angeles County.


Our Funding

LA n Sync is housed and managed by the California Community Foundation and funded by a collaborative of local and regional philanthropic organizations who understand the promise and potential of Los Angeles County.


Los Angeles renters need to earn 3.9 times the local minimum wage to afford the average monthly asking rent of $2,108.

Where We Serve

Los Angeles County is home to incredible opportunities and tremendous challenges. Some of the nation's most prestigious universities reside in L.A., yet nearly half its 9th graders will not graduate from high school. Its economy is larger than that of most countries, yet one in three children live in poverty. By attracting greater federal and state funding, LA n Sync seeks to address the region's most pressing needs and elevate the quality of life for all Angelenos.

Our History

Inspired by the Obama administration’s Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative, LA n Sync was founded in 2013 to maximize local, state, and federal support for place-based funding strategies that would improve the well-being of those living in Los Angeles County. To date, we have helped bring over $284 million in grants and four federal designations to Los Angeles, resulting in more than $352 million for the region.



Recognizing that the interconnected problems of Los Angeles County’s high-poverty neighborhoods require interconnected solutions, the Annenberg Foundation resolves to deepen the impact of its grant making


The Annenberg Foundation and the California Endowment jointly fund a delegation from Los Angeles to participate in a conference about replicating the Harlem Children’s Zone model


The White House Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative is announced; in response, the Annenberg Foundation helps formulate the Los Angeles Neighborhood Revitalization Workgroup (the Workgroup)


A delegation from the Workgroup is sent to Washington, DC, to participate in the first United Neighborhood Centers of America Neighborhood Revitalization Conference


The Annenberg Foundation convenes the Workgroup over the course of 18 months to strategically evolve it into an ongoing initiative known as LA n Sync


LA n Sync officially launches as an initiative of the Annenberg Foundation


LA n Sync joins forces with one of its founding partners to become an initiative of the California Community Foundation.

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