Sync in a Sec: June 19, 2015

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A Weekly Update on the Happenings of LA n Sync
Vol. 6 -- June 19, 2015

Philanthropic Community Joins to Support  Philanthropy Liaison in Office of Child Protection

On Tuesday, June 16, Fred Ali, President & CEO of the Weingart Foundation, and Chris Essel, President & CEO of Southern California Grantmakers, testified before the LA County Board of Supervisors in support of a motion to explore establishing a philanthropy liaison within the Office of Child Protection.

The motion passed unanimously!

The motion was sponsored by Supervisors Hilda Solis and Sheila Kuehl, and based on a recommendation in the 2014 Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection Report.

Ten foundations endorsed the proposal:  The Ahmanson Foundation, Annenberg Foundation, Blue Shield of California Foundation, California Community Foundation, The California Endowment, Hilton Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, UniHealth Foundation and Weingart Foundation.

LA n Sync was proud to support this motion.  We will continue to assist with the efforts to establish the philanthropy liaison position.

From Left to Right: Allison Holmes, Annenberg Foundation; Chris Essel, Southern California Grantmakers; Aileen Adams, Office of Supervisor Hilda Solis; Fred Ali, Weingart Foundation; Martha Jimenez, The California Endowment; Stephanie Levin, Annenberg Foundation/LA n Sync.

Are You Applying? Let Us Know!

The Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Grant

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released a grant application for up to $10 million to help address the multiple barriers faced by individuals, couples, partners, and families by supporting programs that will provide healthy marriage and relationship skills designed to change behaviors of individuals and move families towards economic self-sufficiency.

If you are planning to apply for this grant, or another large-scale grant that meets
LA n Sync's criteria, please let us know. Not only might you be eligible to receive support from LA n Sync, but we might be able to connect you with partners or resources that could give your application a boost. 
Email Ellah Ronen at

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