Sync in a Sec: August 14, 2015

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A Weekly Update on the Happenings of LA n Sync
Vol. 12 -- August 14, 2015

California Gold: Bringing Cap and Trade Dollars to Southern California

LA n Sync was proud to be a part of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) first workshop of a three-part series aimed at helping cities and stakeholders in Southern California best compete for Cap and Trade dollars. A video recording along with the presentations given can all be found on the SCAG website on their Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund webpage
LA n Sync will inform you of future workshop dates, expected to be held in fall 2015. 

Coming Next Week!Guide to Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Program Designs, Expenditures, and BenefitsUCLA Luskin Center for Innovation (LA n Sync to provide link upon release)

The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation will be issuing a report next week titled, Guide to Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Program Designs, Expenditures, and Benefits. The report will provide an overview of programs funded to-date by Cap and Trade revenues, funding levels before and after Cap and Trade due to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). Plus, see quantified expected benefits from the funded projects. This report builds upon last year’s report Investment Justice Through the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. Next week Sync in a Sec will provide a link to the complete report. 
LA n Sync provide technical assistance to qualified applicants applying for GGRF funds. 

ReminderPromise Zones: Round 3Open for Public Comment

LA n Sync reminds our colleagues that The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have opened the public comment period for the third and final round of Promise Zones designations. Beginning July 29 comments will be solicited through September 28, 2015 regarding the selection process, criteria and submissions.
LA n Sync was a key supporter in the first round of Promise Zones, when the City of Los Angeles became one of only three cities in the nation to receive the urban designation in 2014. We hope our region will see the same success in this upcoming round.  
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