October 2013

LAnSync td img {display: block;}       October 10, 2013 The Latest from LA n Sync In this update, see early results of our collaborative efforts, learn about new resources available through LA n Sync and get involved in our effort to secure critical federal funding.

Big Grant for Workforce Education

We are delighted to report an exciting success story – a $19.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor for an LA n Sync-supported project led by the L.A. Trade-Technical College Consortium. LA n Sync provided a letter of support which included a broad base of partners who advocated for this award. The project: using community colleges to train the unemployed to meet the growing job demand in health care. The grantees: all nine colleges of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). The grant, announced on September 18, will help create a career ladder training program in the health care and health care information fields, and at the same time help the short- and long-term unemployed in Los Angeles. Last week US Secretary of Labor Tom Perez visited the LACCD campus to announce the grant award. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was there, as were LA City Councilmember Curren Price and most of the LACCD college presidents and board of trustees members. But the buzz was all about Secretary Perez as he talked about the energy here on campus and the great work being done by Trade Tech and the LACCD. See a video about his visit at http://college.lattc.edu/blog/2013/09/30/us-labor-secretary-thomas-perez-visits-trade-tech.

Information Is Money - Our New Web Resources

Nonprofits often say they lose potential support because they’re unaware of the grant opportunities open to them. Funders say they would love to have a way to quickly identify projects seeking philanthropic or governmental partners. Our new website makes it easy to identify state, national and federal funding opportunities. Not only can you find funding opportunities that meet the LA n Sync criteria, but you can also find grant programs that, while not qualifying for the LA n Sync threshold, nonetheless may be worth pursuing. Thus far, we have opportunities listed in the areas of arts & culture, education and urban revitalization. But soon we hope to have a broader range of listings - from housing to health to the environment.

Grant Development Corps Is a Go!

Without an able grant proposal writer, nonprofits rarely win big grants. Yet, for many years, Los Angeles has had no one-stop-shop for talented grant proposal writers - people who specialize in a particular area, the arts, say, or education. Now that gap in the system has been filled. The Grant Development Corps convened on September 26 for the first time. The Corps features 30 professionals – all vetted by LA n Sync, all with successful major grant applications under their belts. They do more than write; they work with nonprofits on everything from program design and evaluation to shepherding the application through every step of the process. Now the Corps is ready to serve. Please contact info@LAnSync.org to learn more about this key strategic resource.

Activity on the Horizon

One of the latest and most promising developments on the federal funding scene this year is the Promise Zones Initiative (featured in last month’s newsletter). The unique – and most powerful – aspect of Promise Zones is that the initiative promises not grant money, but unequalled leverage in getting additional grants. Five of these zones will be chosen in 2013, and each zone will be given assistance and preference in applying for any federal funding opportunity. This year the City of Los Angeles and the Youth Policy Institute are eligible to apply. With the deadline less than two months away (November 26), LA n Sync will be calling a convening to build awareness and rally support. Promise Zones offers a chance to build on prior success and turn a fruitful relationship with federal funders into a fast track for many new grant opportunities in 2014. Connect with us via Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to stay informed about LA n Sync’s latest developments.