March 2015

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March 2015




LA n Sync Strategic Response Fund

We enjoyed great success in our first year with LA n Sync-supported applications, winning over $60 million in grants and two federal designations with potential funding estimated at more than $1 billion.

Many of these applications either required or “recommended” matching commitments from local funders. Often, these large dollar commitments are the deciding factor in the success of an application -- the difference between bringing millions of dollars into the region and bringing none.

Given the limited advance notice and short timeframe for completing and submitting most grant applications, LA n Sync quickly discovered one of the biggest challenges to its future success -- raising matching funds. After consulting with many of the most trusted and knowledgeable funders in the region, it has become clear that the best solution is for LA n Sync to set up a “pooled fund,” specifically designed to fill matching requirements with short turnaround windows.

The Strategic Response Fund (SRF) serves as LA n Sync’s repository of pooled, matching grant funds that can be committed when applying for grant opportunities from federal and state funders and foundations.


LA n Sync Strategic Response Fund Commits$700,000 in Matching Funds for HACLA Choice Neighborhoods Application

LA n Sync is proud to announce that the Strategic Response Fund’s first matching fund commitment has been made to the Housing Authority for the City of Los Angeles in its application for a Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant for $30 million to revitalize Jordan Downs.

This financial commitment is based on LA n Sync’s belief that this project will break the cycle of poverty for residents of Jordan Downs by providing quality housing, educational and economic development opportunities as well as additional resources. This is an ambitious and groundbreaking effort that will serve as a catalyst of renewal, not only for the public housing site, but also for the surrounding community. The project’s three core goals of Housing, People and Neighborhood provide a comprehensive approach to neighborhood revitalization that is unique to Los Angeles.



Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Allianceof Los Angeles

In 2015, the State of California instituted the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund – an $850 million fund intended to support transit, housing, energy and greening projects that are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This fund is only the beginning of what is expected to be a multi-billion dollar effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the Cap-and-Trade program through 2020.

In his 2016 budget, Governor Brown allocated $1 billion dollars to this effort, with that number expected to grow exponentially over the next five years, solidifying this program as one of his top priorities for the state. Understanding that focus and its potential for our region, LA n Sync, in partnership with Climate Resolve and MoveLA, hosted the inaugural meeting of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Alliance of Los Angeles in February. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Alliance is a group of local experts and leaders who will help guide and support the Los Angeles region in competitively applying for its share of the $850 million allocated in 2015 and who will continue similar efforts for future funding. Its mission is to provide technical assistance to competitive applicants, educate local officials and the state legislature on the importance of bringing funding for these projects into the Los Angeles region, and create cross-sector partnerships in order to strengthen the bonds within greater Los Angeles around common goals and priorities with the ultimate goal of a healthier environment for our region.


Four California Career Pathways Trust Grants Submitted

LA n Sync is proud to announce its support of four California Career Pathways Trust grant applications for 2015. Lead applicants include: Compton Unified School District, El Camino Community College District, Los Angeles Community College District and Monseñor Oscar Romero Charter School. LA n Sync was able to support all four applications because the region is eligible to receive multiple awards, and each LA n Sync-supported application focused on a distinct region and population.


Mayor Garcetti Lauds LA n Sync

At a recent event at the Port of Los Angeles to unveil plans for AltaSea, Mayor Garcetti discussed his support of LA n Sync and the success that we’ve been able to achieve in bringing funding to Los Angeles.