June 2013

LAnSync td img {display: block;}       June 6, 2013 A Month of Momentum The past month has been an important early test of LA n Sync’s approach and effectiveness – and thanks to your help, our new civic coalition is off to a strong start. We’re already pursuing tens of millions of dollars in funding and building the networks and collaborative relationships that will fuel our work for the long haul. We’re happy to report this early momentum, and we call on all of our partners to keep it going in the months and miles ahead. Let’s stay united and make Los Angeles the greatest city and region that it can be!

Key Early Partnerships Forged

LA n Sync and its partners helped strengthen the Youth Policy Institute’s application for a Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant by providing letters of support and gaining commitments for $285,000 in matching funds. A winning grant application could lead to as much as $30 million in new HUD funding for Pacoima and Hollywood – communities where these funds are truly needed. We’ve also convened a group of potential applicants for crucial federal TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) funds – including the MTA, the City’s Department of Transportation and area nonprofits. These LA n Sync partners have agreed to collaborate – and we plan to submit three highly competitive applications in the days ahead.

The Bell Commission: Bringing LA’s Civic Leaders Together to Steer LA n Sync

The first meeting of the Bell Commission was held on May 21. We reviewed funding opportunities in core areas such as transportation, housing, education and workforce development – and began to develop clear strategies to pursue competitive grants in these areas, on behalf of the entire LA region. The Bell Commission will continue its work with meetings in July and September.

Gaining Support From All Levels of Government

LA n Sync is in the midst of lining up support and commitments from government agencies at all levels. Later this month, at the United Neighborhood Centers of America conference in Washington, we’ll be meeting with a wide range of sub-Cabinet officials. Meetings with government relations officials and grant managers from both the City and County of LA are being planned for late summer. And we will keep meeting with a wide range of City and County officials on an ongoing basis.

Building an Elite Corps of Grantwriters

Of course, we're only as effective as the grant proposals we produce — which is why we're assembling a pool of proven and highly talented grantwriters. This crucial resource will be made available to any and all LA n Sync participants — to review proposals or to assist in writing them.

Here's How You Can Help Keep the Momentum Going:

Send us names and contact info for proven grantwriters who can be a part of our select team.

Help our collaborative efforts by writing letters of support or MOUs for new grant opportunities. If a potential grant falls within your area of expertise, we'll reach out to you, so you can help us make the strongest possible proposal.

Let's keep working in sync to seize the full promise and potential of the entire Los Angeles region!

Remember to save the date for the next LA n Sync Summit:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

For questions, please email info@lansync.org To learn more about LA n Sync, visit www.lansync.org