August 2013

LAnSync td img {display: block;}       August 8, 2013 Summer Standouts Summer is a time of vacation for many, but not for LA n Sync. We've been hard at work bringing stakeholders together to strengthen applications for new funding opportunities. Here's what we've been up to:

The Bell Commission: Getting Busy, Going Monthly

Fresh off of another productive meeting, the Commission has decided to double the frequency of its meetings to convene monthly. Monthly meetings will continue for the remainder of the pilot year, which runs through February 2014. Our growing number of partners and projects bring great promise, but also an increased demand for leadership. The Bell Commission's input and thought capital will be critical during this stage.

40 Institutions Work to Break the Link Between Foster Care and Homelessness

Two facts tell a tragic story. Sixty percent of chronically homeless adults are former foster youth. And foster youth now outnumber veterans as the largest group in California homeless shelters. To help address this problem, LA n Sync sent a letter to U.S. Secretary for Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. The letter, from 40 institutions united under the LA n Sync banner, gave significant regional backing to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), which is competing for a $720,000 planning grant from the federal government. The 40 institutions signed on as “Knowledge Partners” to offer guidance and expertise to the LAHSA project. These 40 partners come from academia, business, local government, nonprofit organizations and philanthropy. The two-year federal planning grant would fund the development of a coordinated engagement system for youth ages 14-25 who are homeless or at a high risk of experiencing homelessness. It would also identify strategies to address the needs of these young people early in their lives. If successful, the planning grant could lead to an implementation grant of $1 million per year over five years. We’ll hear the results of the application in September.

The LA n Sync Grant Development Corps

LA n Sync has engaged The Grantsmanship Center to build the LA n Sync Grant Development Corps – a group of top-quality grant proposal professionals who can provide support and expertise to applicant organizations as they plan, write, and submit highly competitive applications for big-dollar projects. Application reviews and interviews are in process, with the goal of having the Corps established in time for a mid-September meeting in Los Angeles.

The Right Stuff - What Does LA n Sync Require?

Funding opportunities that qualify for LA n Sync's resource and relationship support must meet the following criteria:

  • The grant must be at least $1 million annually for implementation ($500,000 for planning). For the Arts and Humanities, the minimum grant is $250,000 annually.
  • There must be a cross-sector collaborative model.
  • The opportunity must align with federal or state funding priorities.
  • There is the potential to leverage resources.
  • There is the potential for systems change.